While Legacy of Heroes remains the main project for Freya’s Aett, it’s not a short-term project.  As such, to get something out there and maybe get the company known, we’re bringing forward one of the other projects to joint-active development.

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Anthony will be visiting the fourth TIGJAM UK from the 4th to the 7th of February this year, so feel free to drop in and say hello if you are in the Cambridge area that weekend.  It looks like it could be a great opportunity to see indie developers in action.

TIGJAM UK 4 Poster

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Back to work…

After a relaxing Christmas break, it’s time to go back into the studio.

The place-holder art is ready for city-building now, so it should not be too long before the Facebook App includes an early version of the city functionality, and the combat system is ready for implementation.

Other than that, there’s an indie-developer event coming up (more on that in a future post) and a whole load of back-end work to make the new inventory system work as intended.  More posts to come as we get back into the swing of things.

A slightly geeky post this time, about technical stuff.  No pretty pictures or great insight into the game itself, so feel free to skip this one if you are not technically-minded.  If, on the other hand, you were curious about how I was developing the Facebook version, read on.

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An Update

Hmm…  The current combat mechanic for the Facebook game is just not quite working.  This is an element unique to the Facebook game, so it will only affect Facebook development, but it’s going to need fixing.  I know how to fix it luckily, so it is just a matter of modifying the code to bring it in line with the less-adventurous version of the mechanic.

Not to worry.  This is why we do proof of concept builds, after all…

Further Progress

November has come and gone.  The Movember ‘tache has sprouted and fallen by the wayside.  NaNoWriMo was pointedly ignored.

In lieu of a 2D artist, I have been busy drawing stick-figure art on post-it notes; five monsters (and one new player avatar) are ready now.  They’ll never win any awards, but they do the job.

On the actual gaming side, the combat system is playable and almost ready for testing; the combat logging needs a little work, the character generator is not complete, but the main issue is making the Facebook authorisation work.  It is just a case of rechecking my PHP, I suppose.  By the end of the week, I hope to have a party of heroes up and running through a simple endless dungeon (sorry, no storylines yet) scenario.

So, the to-do list by Friday is;

  • Get the logging working as intended
  • Tweak the secret mechanic
  • Finish the character generator code
  • Make the Facebook authorisation work

Well…  It looks like I need to get off the blog and get some work done, doesn’t it?


I am posting at 1am.

This fact alone may help you understand just how much this current section has grabbed me and won’t let go.  Mechanics are being finalised, place-holder art is being scrawled on post-it notes to let me start work on the code side.

Some elements are a little bit experimental, which means that they need testing.  I will be grabbing a few testers in the coming weeks, people I have already selected.  The main one is a secret, a bit of a new mechanic, which means it is either genius or madness.  More than likely, it will need tweaking to see if it works for real human players, but I think it will make Legacy of Heroes a very interesting variant on a known genre.

As a thank-you for being patient, I offer you a shot of the wall next to my PC…

Long Silences

Yes, I have noticed the lack of updates.  I am very sorry about that.

Let’s start by saying that the pre-production phase is slow.  In a full studio, the design for the prototype might have been done in a week and there would be concept art all across the walls.  In this small studio, the full GDD is more important, so the prototype will have to be reverse engineered based on what can be done with it.  Also, since I am not getting paid for it, I can’t really afford to put all my eggs in just the one basket.

Negativity over, there are some bright motes of light on the horizon.  There have been a few responses from artists looking to help out on Legacy of Heroes, but not so many programmers; sadly, most of the programmers I know either want paying or they are busy on other pro-bono projects and not really free to take on the dreams of another “oh-so-talented, charmingly Bohemian, tragically impoverished” designer.
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Every city in Legacy of Heroes stands alone, surrounded by forests, seas, deserts or plains. Their nearest neighbour may be a few days’ hard ride away, perhaps a week for an army or other major assistance. Despite this, cities will usually establish trade-routes with these neighbours and may have treaties of mutual assistance.

When a new city is created, it will have no neighbours or alliances. Roads (or ports) will lead off in the four cardinal directions, but will lead nowhere useful at first. The player must link their roads with other players’ cities to open trade-routes and found alliances.

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Legacy of Heroes – Cities

The city in Legacy of Heroes is the central hub of the game, but is generally distinct from each hero living within. The actions of a hero within the city walls or acting on behalf of a faction within the city (be they government or revolutionary) will shape the future of the city itself.

The influence that a hero wields is limited to influencing factions and balances, as well as creating (or adding member-organisations to) factions. In general, any city will contain elements who exist on a number of axes; anarchists will oppose disciplinarians, monarchists will oppose republicans, good will oppose evil and religion will oppose magic. The actions of heroes will alter the balance of power between these factions and define the progress of the city.

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