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Running around and playing other RPGs as part of my competitive analysis, I started to realise that there are certain fantasy tropes which I very much needed to get rid of. Certain clichés have no place in this game, even if it isn’t going for gritty realism.

In terms of ‘level’ and art style, I will always be aiming for Conan of Cimmeria rather than Forgotten Realms or Tolkien’s world.  The world is lived in and you want to keep clear of dark alleys and the edges of kingdoms, not running around filling your pack with every plant and rock you find that would fit in your pack.

As such, here are some of the rules according to Anthony…

  • City streets are not filled with crates and barrels just waiting to be smashed open, those tend to be in cellars or warehouses.
  • If you do smash open crates, you are more likely to unleash a torrent of beer or water on your boots than to find gold.
  • Smashing barrels is destruction of property; the watch takes a dim view…
  • Healing potions are found in apothecary shops, not in a rat-infested sewer.
  • The only thing you will find on the corpse of a rat is fur and meat, neither of which you will want or need.
  • Just because you can pick mushrooms does not mean they will not kill you if you eat them.
  • Flirting with nuns and princesses is not ‘forbidden love’, it’s just a sure-fire way to get excommunicated and / or exiled.

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