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Yes, no news was not bad news this time; it was just proof of a busy period.  Legacy of Heroes is finally reaching that point where it feels like a ‘real’ game.  Many little things have come together to really lift it out into a living, breathing game.


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A slightly geeky post this time, about technical stuff.  No pretty pictures or great insight into the game itself, so feel free to skip this one if you are not technically-minded.  If, on the other hand, you were curious about how I was developing the Facebook version, read on.


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Hmm…  The current combat mechanic for the Facebook game is just not quite working.  This is an element unique to the Facebook game, so it will only affect Facebook development, but it’s going to need fixing.  I know how to fix it luckily, so it is just a matter of modifying the code to bring it in line with the less-adventurous version of the mechanic.

Not to worry.  This is why we do proof of concept builds, after all…

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November has come and gone.  The Movember ‘tache has sprouted and fallen by the wayside.  NaNoWriMo was pointedly ignored.

In lieu of a 2D artist, I have been busy drawing stick-figure art on post-it notes; five monsters (and one new player avatar) are ready now.  They’ll never win any awards, but they do the job.

On the actual gaming side, the combat system is playable and almost ready for testing; the combat logging needs a little work, the character generator is not complete, but the main issue is making the Facebook authorisation work.  It is just a case of rechecking my PHP, I suppose.  By the end of the week, I hope to have a party of heroes up and running through a simple endless dungeon (sorry, no storylines yet) scenario.

So, the to-do list by Friday is;

  • Get the logging working as intended
  • Tweak the secret mechanic
  • Finish the character generator code
  • Make the Facebook authorisation work

Well…  It looks like I need to get off the blog and get some work done, doesn’t it?

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Are you an artist or a programmer looking for something unusual?  Are you a student or recent graduate looking to add to your portfolio?

I am not an artist, even if I have some experience with 3DS Max, nor am I a programmer just because I have programmed a basic game or two.  As such, I am looking for some team-members to join me in creating a prototype for Legacy of Heroes that will be used to help gain funding for the game.  This will not be paid job, but the goal would be to offer prototype staff a permanent (if part time, especially if you have a day-job) position when (if) the project is able to gain funding.

ARTISTS should be able to produce models (and, ideally, animate them) using a standard 3D art package, produce textures in a standard 2D package and MUST own legitimate copies of their chosen packages.

CODERS should be familiar with C++, familiarity with OGRE an advantage, but I’d be willing to consider someone who has experience with another existing 3D engine such as UDK or Unity since this is a demo.

If you are successful in joining the Freya’s Aett team, I will be assuming that you know more than I do about your discipline; as long as you don’t prove me wrong (or tell me it takes a month to make each model), I will want you to name your own time-scales and tell me if there is a better way of doing things; for example, you might know a better engine for the demo.  I’m a designer, not a manager, so I’m not looking to tell you how to do your job.  In terms of management, I am more interested in making Legacy of Heroes the best it can be than asserting my dominance.

Still interested?

Drop an email to anthony@freyas8.co.uk with a little information about yourself.  What have you done before?  Got anyone who would recommend you?  Where did you learn to program / script / model?  You don’t have to provide references, but it helps to have someone who can offer an independent (or at least outside) opinion of your work.

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